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        KPO Business
        Knowledge Process Outsourcing(popularly known as a KPO)is the high intelligence extension of the Business Process Outsourcing(BPO). KPO calls for the application of specialized domain pertinent knowledge of a high level. KPO business entities provide typical domain-based processes, advanced analytical skills and business expertise, rather than just process expertise. KPO industry is handling more amount of high skilled work other than the BPO Industry. KPO derives its strength from the depth of knowledge, experience and judgment factor.
        We provide typical Financial KPO relating to the core business of the present international top investment banks and risk control consultancy and industry analysis for mergers & acquisition.
        Our KPO business includes:

        Target Customer
        European & American customers looking for acquisitions
        Due diligence investigations, data filter and analysis, investment risk analysis, risk management strategy analysis, trading analysis and fund risk management.
        Chinese Companies listed overseas
        Search for overseas financing, merger and expansion opportunities
        Chinese Companies preparing to get listed overseas
        Financial consultancy, listing consultancy, PE consultancy, financing risk management, etc.
        Top financial institution and listed companies
        Data mining and intelligence gathering for high-end customers through our own data resources and information
        Companies and individuals looking for cross-domain and cross-cultural cooperation
        Customize financial training and consulting for high-end customers

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